Laidcend mac Baíth Bandaig

  • d. 661
  • authors, scholars
  • Clúain Fertae Mo Lua
Irish scholar, abbot of Clonfertmulloe (Kyle, Co. Laois); author of Ecloga de moralibus in Iob and possibly, Lorica Gildae.
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The following works are examined here: Versus de annis a principio [beg. Deus a quo facta fuit]; Ailerán’s Interpretatio mystica and Canon euangeliorum; three verse prayers from the Book of Cerne; seven works by and for Cummianus Longus (†662), including Celebra Iuda, which is here edited; three works by Virgilius Maro Grammaticus; the Oratio Gildae and a verse paraphrase of Carmen paschale, taken as examples of Hiberno-Latin hendecasyllables; and the Lorica of Laidcenn mac Baíth (†661), for which a date of AD 659 is suggested. On the basis of these texts, two inferences may be made of Irish culture of the period: the intellectual agility and acuity exhibited in this precisely constructed prose and verse was not the achievement of a few isolated clerics; and the title sapiens was not given lightly or loosely by the monastic annalists.
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