Leabhar Oiris‘The book of chronicles’

  • Irish annals, Medieval Irish literature
History of the battles fought by Brian Bóruma since c. 979, with annals for events up to 1027.
Munster (Best)
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Cf. Dublin Annals of Inisfallen (Best)


Irish annals Medieval Irish literature



The text is cited in various places, e.g. vol. 2, p. 234 ff, where he gives Chronicle of the O'Maolconneries [Ó Maolconaire] as an alternative title.

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CELT – edition and preamble: <link> Internet Archive: <link>
Several episodes known from the Leabhar Oiris were edited by Eoin MacNeill, without the annals which precede and follow the text in Best's edition. His text is sometimes close to that found in TCD MS 1289, but no manuscript source is given.
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Secondary sources (select)

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