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Lexicon Leponticum

Stifter, David, Martin Braun, Michela Vignoli, Anna Adaktylos, Chiara Dezi, Eva Lettner, Corinna Salomon, Corinna Scheungraber, and Marcel Schwarz, Lexicon Leponticum: an interactive online etymological dictionary of Lepontic, Online, 2009–present.

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Work Lexicon Leponticum: an interactive online etymological dictionary of Lepontic
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Year 2009–2018
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Abstract (cited) Lexicon Leponticum (LexLep) is a web-based, interactive platform based on the MediaWiki open source application. The aim of LexLep is to set up an interactive online etymological dictionary of the Lepontic and Cisalpine Gaulish language that is freely accessible for all users. In addition to information about linguistic and etymological features of the Lepontic language, it includes substantial data about the epigraphic, archaeological and historical context of the inscriptions as well.
Lexicon Leponticum

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Lepontic language Cisalpine Gaulish


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