London, British Library, MS Cotton Vespasian A xiv

ff. 1-105
Vitae sanctorum Wallensium
  • s. xii
  • Cornish manuscripts
  • English manuscripts
  • vellum
Part of
London, British Library, MS Cotton Vespasian A xiv = Cottonian vocabulary [s. xi-xii]
Vitae sanctorum Wallensium
Provenance and related aspects
s. xii
Hands, scribes
Codicological information
The list below has been collated from the table of contents, if available on this page,Progress in this area is being made piecemeal. Full and partial tables of contents are available for a small number of manuscripts. and incoming annotations for individual texts (again, if available).Whenever catalogue entries about texts are annotated with information about particular manuscript witnesses, these manuscripts can be queried for the texts that are linked to them.


See also the parent manuscript for further references.

Primary sources This section typically includes references to diplomatic editions, facsimiles and photographic reproductions, notably digital image archives, of at least a major portion of the manuscript. For editions of individual texts, see their separate entries.

[dig. img.] British Library: digitised manuscripts, Online: British Library. URL: <>.
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