Luccreth moccu Chíara

  • fl. 7th century
  • Irish poets
early Irish poet
See also: CíarraigeCíarraige
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Vries, Ranke de, Two texts on Loch nEchach: De causis torchi Corc' Óche and Aided Echach maic Maireda, Irish Texts Society 65, London: Irish Texts Society, 2012.  

This volume, edited by Ranke de Vries, contains editions of two important texts related to the mythological origin of Lough Neagh and its aftermath. The earlier of the two texts, De causis, contains a seventh-century poem by Luccreth moccu Chíara that can be regarded as the earliest example of deibide. The second, Aided Echach, is a prosimetric text found only in Lebor na hUidre (in the hand of the interpolator H). The editions are preceded by a general discussion on the development of the tradition concerning the origin of the lake.

Carney, James P., “Three Old Irish accentual poems”, Ériu 22 (1971): 23–80.
73–80   [Appendix] “4. Luccreth moccu Chíara”