Marianus Scottus of Regensburg

  • d. 1080 x 1083
  • scholars, scribes, abbots
  • Regensburg
Irish scribe, who founded the Irish monastic community at Regensburg (Ratisbon) in Bavaria, the first of the Schottenklöster to be founded in southern Germany.
See also: St Jakob, RegensburgSt Jakob, Regensburg
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It is well known that the study of computus in Ireland in the sixth and seventh centuries was at a level not equaled anywhere else in Europe, with the possible exception of Visigothic Spain. Not so well known, however, is the fact that computistics continued to thrive in Ireland, not only into the eighth and ninth centuries, but well beyond that. In fact, the eleventh and twelfth centuries saw a high-point of scholarly activity, in the related fields of chronology and chronography, both in Latin and in the vernacular. The best known Irish scholar of the period, Marianus Scottus of Fulda and Mainz, established a pattern for computistical and chronographical studies for centuries to come. This paper presents some of the evidence for that Blütezeit.
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