verse beg. Masu de chlaind Echdach aird

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    Initial words (verse)
    • Masu de chlaind Echdach aird
    Ascribed to
    Orthanach úa CóillámaOrthanach úa Cóilláma (d. 840) – bishop of Kildare and poet
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    Orthanach, commonly identified as Orthanach úa Cóilláma, bishop of Kildare (d. 840)
    • Old Irish
    9th (or late 8th?) century, if the ascription to Orthanach úa Cóilláma is correct.
    verse (primary)
    Gerard Murphy: “In the end of the first line ... of several stanzas ... what are apparently genuine instances of very imperfect consonance occur, with no aicill to compensate for their imperfection. They are: ruiss:gand (LL, ed. Best, Bergin and O'Brien, i. 7352); tend:uill (7404); dam:dornd (7432). Elsewhere in this poem all end-words make perfect consonance or aicill (except in 7472, where corruption is indicated). Orthanach seems to have been following a rule which permits imperfect consonance in the first line of a stanza (...). Agreement of corresponding vowels in quantity is essential to all forms of consonance, whether perfect or imperfect.”n. 1 Gerard Murphy, Early Irish metrics (1961): 35-36.
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      Gerard Murphy, Early Irish metrics (1961): 35-36.

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      Secondary sources (select)

      Murphy, Gerard, Early Irish metrics, Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1961.
      35–36 (footnote)
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