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Medieval Irish tale lists/Aitheda

The (textual) context(s) to which the present text belongs or in which it is cited in part or in whole.


primary form(s) — list


Medieval Irish literature

The titles in the tale-list are given below, with a note on the texts to which these titles appear to refer. For the complete list, see Medieval Irish tale lists.

[1] Aithed Mugaine re Fiamain / Mugaine re Fiadaine (list A)

[2] Aithed Deirdrinne re macaib Uisnech (list A)

Title referring to the tale of Longes mac nUislenn
» Textual sources: Longes mac nUislenn

[3] Aithed Aefe ingine Eogain re Mes Dead / Deagad (list A)

[4] Aithed Naise ingine Fergusa re Nertach mac ui Léith / mac Cuilein (list A)

[5] Aithed mna Gaieir maic Deirg re Glass mac Cimbaetha (list A)

[6] Aithed Bláthnaite ingine Puill/Paill maic Ḟidaig re Coin Culaind (lists A and B)

Title referring perhaps to a version of Aided Chon Roí
» Textual sources: Aided Chon Roí

[7] Aithed Grainne <ingine Cormaic> re Diarmait <ua nDuibne> (lists A and B)

Title which may refer to an early precursor of the tale of Tóruigheacht Dhiarmada agus Ghráinne

[8] Aithed Muire re Dub Ruis (lists A and B)

[9] Aithed Ruithcherni re Cuanu mac Cailchin (lists A and B)

[10] Aithed Eirce ingine Loorin/Logairnn re Muiredach mac Eogain (lists A and B)

[11] Aithed Díge / Creide re Laidcnén (lists A and B)

[12] Aithed mná Ailella maic Eógain re Fothud Canann (lists A and B)

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Meyer, Kuno, “Introduction”, in: Meyer, Kuno, Fianaigecht: being a collection of hitherto inedited Irish poems and tales relating to Finn and his Fiana, Todd Lecture Series 16, London: Hodges, Figgis, 1910. v–xxxi.
“Tenth century (xii-xxvii)”
xii. Triad § 236 of Trecheng Breth Féne; xiii. (a) Poem by Cináed ua hArtacáin, beginning ‘Án sin, a maig Meic ind Óc’ (dinnshenchas of Brug na Bóinne I); xiii.(b) Poem by Cináed ua hArtacáin, beginning ‘Fianna bátar i nEmain’; xiv. (a) Poem beg. ‘Almu Lagen, les na Fían’ (dinnshenchas of Almu I); xiv. (b) Poem beg. ‘Almu robo cháem dia cois’ (dinnshenchas of Almu II); xv. Poem beg. ‘Fornocht do dún, a Druim nDen’ (dinnshenchas of Fornocht), attributed to Finn; xvi. Poem beg. ‘Sund dessid domunemar’ (dinnshenchas of Ráith Ésa); xvii. Poem beg. ‘Tipra Sen-Garmna fo a snas’ (dinnshenchas of Tipra Sengarmna); xviii. Finn and Gráinne; xix. Echtra Finn, containing a prose version of Finn and the phantoms; xx. Poem beg. ‘Echta Lagen for Leth Cuind’ (LL); xxi. (a) Poem beg. ‘Scél lem dúib’, found in the commentary to Amra Choluim Chille; xxi. (b) Poem beg. ‘Cétamon’, embedded within the Macgnímartha Find; xxii. Poem ascribed to Urard mac Coise, beginning ‘A Mór Maigne Moigi Siúil’; xxiii. Tochmarc Ailbe; xxiv. ‘Aithed Gráinne’, title in medieval Irish tale lists; xxv. Úath Beinne Étair; xxvi. ‘Uath Dercce Ferna’, known from the tale lists, but presumed lost; xxvii. (a) Aided Find (Egerton 92 fragment); xxvii. (b) a single quatrain preserved in LL, beg. ‘Rodíchned Find, ba fer tend’.

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