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Medieval Irish tale lists/Echtrai

The (textual) context(s) to which the present text belongs or in which it is cited in part or in whole.


primary form(s) — list


Medieval Irish literature

The titles in the tale-list are given below, with a note on the texts to which these titles appear to refer. For the complete list, see Medieval Irish tale lists.

Echtra Brain maic Febail (list B)

Title referring to a tale known as Echtra Brain maic Febail, which may refer to Imram Brain meic Febail
» Textual sources: Imram Brain meic Febail

Echtra Fergusa maic Léiti (list B)

» Textual sources: Echtra Fergusa maic Léiti

Echtra Nera <maic Niadain (maic Tacaim)> (lists A and B)

Title referring to the tale of Echtra Nerai
» Textual sources: Echtra Nerai

Echtra Fiamain (list A)

Echtra Con Ruí (list A)

Echtra Óenguso maic Fergusa Find (list B)

Echtra Con Culaind (lists A and B)

Echtra Conaill (list A)

Echtra Conchobair (list A)

Echtra Crimthaind Nia Náir (lists A and B)

Title referring to the now lost tale of Echtrae Chrimthainn Nia Náir.
» Textual sources: Echtrae Chrimthainn Nia Náir

Echtra Macha ingine Aeda Ruaid (list A)

» Textual sources: Echtra Machae

Echtra Nechtain maic Alfroinn (list A)

Echtra Ailchind maic Amalgaid / Eilcind maic Amalgada (list A)

Echtra Fhind i nDerc Ferna (list A)

TItle referring to a tale known as Echtra Fhind i nDerc Ferna, which may be identical with the Uath Dercce Ferna of the list of Úatha in tale list A. No text by either of these titles is extant.

Echtra Aedain maic Gabráin (list A)

Echtra Mael Uma maic Baitain/Baedain (list A)

Echtra Mongain maic Fiachna (list A)

Echtra Chuinn Cétchathaig (list B)

Echtra Airt maic Cuind (list B)

Title referring to an earlier version, now lost, of the tale known as Echtra Airt meic Cuind

Echtra Muirchertach maic Erca (list B)

Echtra Cormaic uí Chuinn / maic Airt (list B)

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