Medieval Irish tale lists/Fessa

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Medieval Irish tale lists/Fessa

The (textual) context(s) to which the present text belongs or in which it is cited in part or in whole.


primary form(s) — list


Medieval Irish literature

The titles in the tale-list are given below, with a note on the texts to which these titles appear to refer. For the complete list, see Medieval Irish tale lists.

[1] Feis Tige Fir Blaí (list A)

Title referring to the tale known as Feis tige Fir Blaí

[2] Feis Tige Bichair (list A)

Mac Cana suggests that this title is perhaps to be equated with Feis Tige Bricrend (list B)
» Textual sources: Feis tige Bichair

Feis Tige Tulchinne / Tulcainde (list A)

Feis Tige Trichim / Treithim (list A)

Feis Tige Li (list A)

Feis Tige Linne (list A)

Feis Tige Guit/Guid (list A)

Feis Tige Gnaar/Gnair (list A)

Feis Tige trí mac Demonchatha (list A)

Feis Tige Auscle / Uichtcle (list A)

» Textual sources: Feis Tige Auchtcle

Feis Tige Mell Dolaig (list A) / Feis Tige Melladain (list B)

Feis (Tige) Cruachan (list A)

Feis (Tige) Emna / Amna (list A)

Feis (Tige) Alend (list A)

Feis (Tige) Temra (list A)

Feis (Tige) Dúin Bolg (list A)

Feis Dúin Buchet (list A)

Feis Tige Bricrend (list B)

» Comments: Cf. Feis Tige Bichair (list A)

Feis Tige Monduirnd (list B)

Feis Tige (h)Ichtair (list B)

Feis Tige Caire (list B)

Feis Tige Gnen (?) (list B)

Feis Tige Gnoain (list B)

Feis Tige Nuclin (list B)

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