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Medieval Irish tale lists/Oirgne

The (textual) context(s) to which the present text belongs or in which it is cited in part or in whole.


primary form(s) — list


Medieval Irish literature

The titles in the tale-list are given below, with a note on the texts to which these titles appear to refer. For the complete list, see Medieval Irish tale lists.

[1] Orgain Maige Cé Gala mac Febail / A. Muigi Ce Dala (lists A and B)

Orgain Átha hÍ

Orgain Dune Dubglaisse

Orgain Dinn Ríg / Dindaraig

Orgain Atha Cliath

Orgain Duine Delga <or Delgon>

» Places: Dún Delga

Orgain Tuir Chonaind

Orgain Ailig for Néitt mac Indui / A. Neid maic Indaig a nAileach

Orgain Belcon Breifne

Orgain Cairpri Cind Caitt for saerchlannaib hErend

Orgain Echach for a maccaib

Orgain Chaille Chonaill

Orgain Donnán Ego

Orgain Maic Da Thó

Orgain mac Mágach

Orgain Side Nenta

» Textual sources: Orgain Síde Nennta (†)

Orgain Sratha Cluada <or: Slúaga>

Orgain Sleibe Soilgech

Orgain Ratha Rigbaird

Orgain Ratha Ruis Guill

Orgain Ratha Túaige

Orgain Ratha Tuaisle

Orgain Ratha Tobachta

Orgain Ratha Timchill

Orgain Ratha Cuinge

Orgain Ratha Cuillend

Orgain Cróchan / A. Ratha Cruachan

Orgain Cathrach Boirche

Orgain Ratha Blai

Orgain Ratha Gaila / Guanlai <or: Guale>

Orgain Ratha Uillne

Orgain Ratha Náis

Orgain Benne/Beinde Cé

Orgain Ratha Grainaird

Orgain Ratha Búirig / Buirich

Braflang Scóine

Aigidecht Artúir / Aigse Airduus

» Textual sources: Aígidecht Artúir (lost)

Secht Orcain Lindais

Seven oirgne - see below
Orgain Duin Sobairce
Orgain Duin Cermna
Orgain Duin Bolg
Orgain Duin Bice
Orgain Duin Binne/Binde
Orgain Cathrach Con Roi
Title referring to a tale known as Orgain cathrach Con Roi, perhaps an equivalent title for Aided Con Roí.
» References: Proinsias Mac Cana, The learned tales of medieval Ireland (1980): 93 » Textual sources: Aided Con Roí
Orgain Cathrach Mail Milscothaig
The tale told by Urard mac Coise in Airec menman to obtain reparation from the king of Tara.
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Mac Cana, Proinsias, The learned tales of medieval Ireland, Dublin: DIAS, 1980.

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