Meens, Rob


Meens, Rob, “The oldest manuscript witness of the Collectio canonum Hibernensis”, Peritia 14 (2000): 1–19.

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“The oldest manuscript witness of the Collectio canonum Hibernensis
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This article examines two small collections of canonistical material in Copenhagen, Kongelige Bibliotek, ms Ny. Kgl. S. 58 8° containing material which has close parallels with the Collectio canonum hibernensis. It discusses the relationship between these collections and the Hibernensis. The fact that one Copenhagen collection contains a much longer extract from the letter to bishop Massona, allegedy written by Isidore of Seville, than the one found in the Hibernensis, suggests that we have here with one of the forerunners of the Hibernensis. On palaeographical grounds, the Copenhagen manuscript has been assigned to the first half of the eighth century. It is, therefore, older than the oldest mss of the Hibernensis. Lowe has implausibly ascribed it to southern France. Though a northern Italian origin cannot be ruled out, its penitential and canonistic texts strongly suggest the recently converted regions of northern Gaul as the place of compilation and use.
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Copenhagen, Det Kongelige Bibliotek, MS NKS 58 8◦ 

Dennis Groenewegen