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magician in Arthurian legend; primarily a creation of Geoffrey of Monmouth, who appears to have based his character on the prophet Myrddin as well as Ambrosius Aurelianus.
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Ambrosius AurelianusAmbrosius Aurelianus
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A prophecy in Irish prose attributed to Merlin
  • MERLIN (ascr.)
  • Irish language
  • Irish texts
Latin poem (139 hexametric lines) on Merlin and his prophecies, written by John of Cornwall in the middle of the 12th century in response to Geoffrey of Monmouth’s account of the same subject. In the introduction, John dedicates his work to his patron Robert Warelwast (d. 1155), bishop of Exeter, and puts forward the claim that he is drawing on an independent Cornish source for his text. The text is accompanied by a prose commentary, notably including glosses in a variety of Brittonic, possibly Cornish, the origin and nature of which has been subject to some debate.
  • Latin language
  • Cornish texts
  • Merlin

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