ol sé
Image: Ol-sé-Leiden-VLQ-7.png
[File] Leiden, University Library, MS Vossianus lat. qu. 7 [s. xvi], f. 3r

Letter(s) displayed: <ol.ui.> (base form in image, without marks, as it may appear to the untrained eye)
Represents in Irish: ol sé (in the scribe's mind or in normalised spelling)
Build type: Example
Characters include:
> U2a.png U2b.png U2c.png u (regular letter)
Represents: » u (Irish) » u (Latin) 


> I2a.png I2b.png i (regular letter)
Represents: » i (Irish) » i (Latin) 

Components include:
> Simplesquare-with-dots.png Simplesquare-with-dots-middle.png enclosing punctus (critical sign)
Represents: » (marks out special graphs) » Notational device: Baseline symbol, Critical sign


> Acutedis 23E29p83.png acute diacritic (disambiguation)
Represents: » (disambiguates i in a string of minims) (Irish) 
Represents: » In Irish: ol sé
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