Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawlinson B 512

section II, ff. 53–75
  • c. 1500
  • Irish manuscripts
  • vellum
Part of
Provenance and related aspects
c. 1500
c. 1500
Origin, provenance
written in Baile Atha Buidhe (Athboy, Co. Meath)
Hands, scribes
Conchubhar Ó Maoil ChonaireÓ Maoil Chonaire (Conchubhar)
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Dubthach Ó DuibhgeannáinÓ Duibhgeannáin (Dubthach)
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The main hand is that of Conchubhar Ó Maoil Chonaire, whose name is given in a note by his assistant Dubthach Ó Duibgennan (f. 73r).
Conchubhar Ruad Mac MaoltuileMac Maoltuile (Conchubhar Ruad)
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See f. 64v
Codicological information

f. 53r–f. 64r
[Félire Óengusso] » Preface, part of prologue, epilogue (with notes).
f. 54r–f. 56v
f. 56v
» Poem (5 stanzas) in rinnard metre, beginning Bendacht indrig [for ríg] donélaib.
f. 64r
» Poem (2 stanzas) in rinnard metre, beginning Cach noem robói [for bói], fil, bias.
f. 64r
» Quatrain beginning Cech noeb, cech noebuag, cech mairtir, with scribal note.
scribal addition x
f. 64v
» Legend of St. Moling
f. 64v
» Legend of St. Moling and the Devil
f. 64v
» Scribal colophon with the name of the patron of the manuscript
scribal addition x
f. 65r–f. 71r
» Irish homily on the Nativity
f. 71r
» Two poems, beginning: (1) Buadacht uaim dom compan an tí as iomlan a threghib (ascribed to Rod Ó Cor(n)in); (2) Ag scoith na bPluingeadach (ascribed to Brian mac Dergan)
f. 71r–f. 75v
» Irish homily on the Passion
f. 73r
» Note by a scribe who identifies himself as Dubthach Ó Duibgennan writing for Conchobor Ó Maelchonairi (the main scribe). The patron Conchubhar Ruad Mac Maoltuile is mentioned.
scribal addition x

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Secondary sources (select)

Ó Cuív, Brian, Catalogue of Irish language manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford and Oxford college libraries. Part 1: Descriptions, Dublin: School of Celtic Studies, DIAS, 2001.
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