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section IV, ff. 123-144
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Codicological information
forthcoming The following table of contents is based on that of Brian Ó Cuív, Catalogue of Irish MSS in the Bodleian (2001): no. 38.

f. 123r–f. 126r
[Lorgaireacht an tSoidigh Naomhtha] » Early Modern Irish version of the “The Quest for the Holy Grail”. It is the first fragment in the manuscript, but several leaves are now out of order. The text continues from f. 139 below. The correct order of the remaining leaves are: ff. 125, 123, 127-132, 124, 126.
f. 126rb
» Single quatrains from four poems: (1) poem ascribed to St. Columba, beginning Aibhinn bith ar B[i]nn Etair; ...
f. 126rb
» MS heading: ‘Oghum consónant sísaná’ » Prose note.
f. 126rbline 17
» Scribal note, apparently of the 16th century. Ó Cuív gives the text, except for the first three lines, which have been erased.
scribal addition x
f. 126v
» Scribblings.
scribal addition x
f. 127–f. 132v
[Lorgaireacht an tSoidigh Naomhtha] » See the note above.
f. 133ra–f. 139b
[Lorgaireacht an tSoidigh Naomhtha] » Acephalous. See note above.
f. 140raline 1–f. 140raline 21
» Incipit: ‘Feart aenach Tailten la Diarmuid...’ » Story about Diarmait mac Cerbaill and St. Ciarán at the assembly of Tailtiu
f. 140raline 22–f. 140valine 12
[Story of the abbot of Druimenaig] » Story of the abbot of Druimenaig.
f. 140b
[Foscél ar bannscáil] » Story about the temptation of a confessor by a woman
f. 140b
[Días macclérech] » Story of two fellow clerical students
f. 141a
» Story of Columba
f. 141a
» Story of King Gúaire
f. 141a
» Story of the ghost of Mac Craith mac mic in-Lomanaigh
f. 141b
» Story about daughter of the son of Tadg úa Cellaigh Maine
f. 141b
» Two legends about St. Moling of Luachair
f. 141b
» Story of St. Comgall of Bangor
f. 142a
» Story of Brenainn moccu Alta
f. 142a
» Story of Baithín and St. Columba.
f. 142rb–f. 142va
[Mo Chutu and the Devil in Rathan] » Story of Mo Chutu and the Devil
f. 142b
[Irish story of David and Absalom] » Story of David, Solomon and Absalom
f. 142b
» Story of Mochuta
f. 142b
» Irish legend of Job
f. 143a
» Scribal note dedicated to John Punket and the daughter of the Baron of Galtrim.
scribal addition x
f. 143rb
[Scéla Pátraic ocus Luigdech meic Lóegairi] » Irish legend of St. Patrick, King Lóegaire's son and Michael the Archangel
f. 143b
» Note on tidings, arguments and history: Foilsigter na focail ar tri coraib .i. scél ocus arrumainte ocus (s)tair
f. 143b
» Note on a land east of Asia
f. 143b
[Comrac Con Culainn re Senbecc] » “The meeting/combat of Cú Chulainn and Senbecc”
f. 143b
» Religious note on repentance
f. 143b
» The triad Tri h-inganta Temrach (“The three wonders of Tara”)
f. 143b
» Irish legend of Gregory and the widow who laughed at mass
f. 144a
» Conclusion to the legend of Solomon
f. 144a
[Irish story of David and Solomon] » Legend of David and Solomon
f. 144ra–f. 144rb
[Ri irissech ro boí do Grecaib] » Note on a Greek king
f. 144a
» Note on pilgrimage of four Irish clerics to Rome
f. 144valine 36–f. 144vbline 22
[Scéla Siluester ocus Constantin (miracle)] » Legend of Emperor Constantine
f. 144vb
[Trí Dé Donand] » Note on three gods of Danu.
f. 144vbline 33–f. 144vbline 47
[Esnada tige Buchet] » Beginning of Esnada tige Buchet (“The songs of Buchet's house”). Cf: f. 122ra.

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[dig. img.] Oxford Digital Library, Early manuscripts at Oxford University, Online: University of Oxford. URL: <>.

Secondary sources (select)

Ó Cuív, Brian, Catalogue of Irish language manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford and Oxford college libraries. Part 1: Descriptions, Dublin: School of Celtic Studies, DIAS, 2001.
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