Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, MS lat. 14354-14355

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  • c. 1350
  • Breton manuscripts
  • Breton manuscripts
Vincent de Beauvais (d. 1264), Speculum historiale
14354 and 14355
Provenance and related aspects
c. 1350
c. 1350
Origin, provenance
Hands, scribes
Ivonet OmnesIvonet Omnes
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Ivonet Omnes (scribe), who identifies himself on f. 399b
Middle Breton glosses at seven places throughout the two volumes of the manuscript:
MS lat. 14354, ff. 104a (=104r, column 1), 144c, 247b and 263d
MS lat. 14355, ff. 326d and 399b (2x)
Codicological information
vellum manuscript, two volumes
Palaeographical information
two columns per page
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Dennis Groenewegen
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