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Project:Participants wanted
The *selgā project is looking for scholars, students and partner institutions to join forces and offer the online world a collectively annotated guide to the written sources that are relevant for the field of Celtic studies.

selgā is currently hosted by the A. G. van Hamel Foundation for Celtic Studies in the Netherlands. Since 2010, the project has been offering an ongoing public catalogue containing structured inventories and descriptions of texts and manuscripts relevant for Celtic studies. In addition, a versatile bibliography accompanies the catalogue while also being used as a standalone tool and resource of a much wider scope. Entries are being constantly added, managed and updated as soon as new information becomes available. In this way, we aim to map the sources, including understudied texts and manuscripts, in much of their complexity and shine some light on the state, or indeed flux, of research.

*selgā is rather more than a non-profit cataloguing service: it is an open platform that was specifically designed to allow specialists to pitch in, make a contribution to the shared knowledge about the materials they are working with, whether in their research or teaching, and engage (with) colleagues in our editing community.

We therefore welcome the contributions, great and small, of scholars at all levels, whether you are a university student, an early-career researcher or an academic with many years of experience. Scholars who are working at intersections with the field of Celtic studies would be equally welcome to step in.

If you would like to participate in any way, please send us an e-mail at Once registered, you will have an account with which you can create and edit entries and add to online discussions of the project.