Prose Banshenchas‘The prose ‘Lore of women’’

  • Middle Irish
  • prose
  • Early Irish poetry, Cycles of the Kings, Finn Cycle, Irish legendary history, Mythological Cycle, Ulster Cycle
Prose version of the Banshenchas


Early Irish poetry Cycles of the Kings Finn Cycle Irish legendary history Mythological Cycle Ulster Cycle


Primary sources Text editions and/or modern translations – in whole or in part – along with publications containing additions and corrections, if known. Diplomatic editions, facsimiles and digital image reproductions of the manuscripts are not always listed here but may be found in entries for the relevant manuscripts. For historical purposes, early editions, transcriptions and translations are not excluded, even if their reliability does not meet modern standards.

[intro.] Dobbs, Margaret E. [ed. and tr.], “The Ban-shenchus [part 1]”, Revue Celtique 47 (1930): 283–339.
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283–288 (introduction)
[ed.] [tr.] Dobbs, Margaret E. [ed. and tr.], “The Ban-shenchus [part 2]”, Revue Celtique 48 (1931): 163–234.
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Edition and English translation
[index] Dobbs, Margaret E. [ed. and tr.], “The Ban-shenchus [part 3]”, Revue Celtique 49 (1932): 437–489.
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Secondary sources (select)

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