Publicatieoverzicht van Nederlandse keltologen

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Publicatieoverzicht van Nederlandse keltologen (2003–2016)


Dit overzicht werd oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd in Kelten 52 (november 2011) 16-17. Laatst gewijzigd: 9 januari 2015.

Augusteijn, Joost

Patrick Pearse. The making of a revolutionary (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010).

Patrick Pearse: proto-fascist eccentric or mainstream European thinker?
In: History Ireland 18, nr. 6 (2010) 34-37.

Blom, Alderik H.

The plant names in Marcellus’ ‘De medicamentis’.
In: Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 57 (2009-2010) 3-24.

Boekhoorn, Dimitri

Le thème des animaux les plus anciens, les “Aînés” du Monde.
In: Gaël Hily, Patrice Lajoye, Joël Hascoët, Guillaume Oudaer en Christian Rose (red.), Deuogdonion: mélanges offerts en l’honneur du professeur Claude Sterckx, Publication du CRBC Rennes 2 (Rennes: Tir, 2010) 77-84.

Borsje, Jacqueline

Rules & legislation on love charms in early medieval Ireland.
In: Peritia 21 (2010) 172-190.

Dijkman, Wim

[met Nico Roymans]
De Keltische goud- en zilverschat van Amby, gemeente Maastricht (Utrecht: Matrijs, 2010)

Jaski, Bart

Cogad Gáedel re Gallaib; Do fhlaithusaib Hérenn; Sex aetates mundi.
In: R. G. Dunphy (red.), Encyclopedia of the medieval chronicle. 2 vols (Leiden en Boston: Brill, 2010) i, 479, 540-1; ii, 1353.

Koeneman, Olaf

Verb movement in Germanic and Celtic languages: a flexible approach.
In: Lingua 120/2 (2010) 210–231.

Kortlandt, Frederik

More on the chronology of Celtic sound changes.
In: Frederik Kortlandt, Studies in Germanic, Indo-European and Indo-Uralic (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2010) 361-364.

Leerssen, Joep

A commodious vicus of recirculation: Irish anthologies and literary history. Working papers European Studies Amsterdam 10 (Amsterdam: Opleiding Europese Studies, UvA, 2010).
online: > Research > Working Papers

Loon, Marcella van

De forten van Preiddeu Annwn in relatie tot Annwn.
In: Ollodagos 25 (2010) 167-210.

Meeder, Sven

The Irish foundations and the Carolingian world.
In: L’irlanda e gli irlandesi nell’alto medioevo (Spoleto, 16-21 aprile 2009). Settimane di Studio del Centro Italiano di Studi Sull’Alto Medioevo 57 (Spoleto: Fondazione Centro Italiano di Studie Sull’Alto Medioevo, 2010) 467-493.

Otten, Willemien

Does the canon need converting? A meditation on Augustine’s Soliloquies, Eriugena’s Periphyseon, and the dialogue with the religious past.
In: Willemien Otten, A. Vanderjagt en H. de Vries (red.), How the West was won. Essays on literary imagination, the canon, and the Christian Middle Ages for Burcht Pranger (Leiden: Brill, 2010) 195–223.

Roymans, Nico

[met Wim Dijkman]
De Keltische goud- en zilverschat van Amby, gemeente Maastricht (Utrecht: Matrijs, 2010).

Verstraten-Veach, Freya

The Ó Fearghail lordship of Anghaile.
In: Martin Morris en Fergus O’Ferrall (red.), Longford history and society. Interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish County (Dublin: Geography Publications, 2010) 51-74.

Vries, Ranke de

Two early examples of the preposition acht followed by the accusative case outside the law texts and an example of acht inge.
In: Ériu 60 (2010) 137-144.

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