Quak, Arend


Quak, Arend, “Korrespondenz zwischen A. G. van Hamel und drei isländische Gelehrten”, Amsterdamer Beiträge zur älteren Germanistik 78:2-3 (2018): 336–372.

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“Korrespondenz zwischen A. G. van Hamel und drei isländische Gelehrten”
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The University Library in Utrecht holds photocopies of 19 letters by the Dutch celtologist A. G. van Hamel (1886–1945) to Icelandic friends. The originals lay in the Landsbókasafn in Reykjavík. The first letter is written in English and concerns the preparations of van Hamel’s second trip to Iceland in 1929. All other letters are in Icelandic. A few letters concern the poem van Hamel composed in commemoration of Iceland’s 1000th birthday in 1930. The other letters (from 1929 to 1937) concern van Hamel’s membership of the Íslenzkt Bókmenntafélag and the exchange of scholars and books between the universities of Utrecht and Reykjavík. The last letter contains a report about the situation in Holland after the liberation in 1945.
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20th century

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