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Rittmueller, Jean, “Construe marks, a contraction mark, and an embedded Old Irish gloss in a Hiberno-Latin homily on the Octave of Easter”, in: Moran, Pádraic, and Immo Warntjes (eds), Early medieval Ireland and Europe: chronology, contacts, scholarship. A Festschrift for Dáibhí Ó Cróinín, Studia Traditionis Theologiae 14, Turnhout: Brepols, 2015. 537–576.

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“Construe marks, a contraction mark, and an embedded Old Irish gloss in a Hiberno-Latin homily on the Octave of Easter”
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Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica, Reg. lat. 49, a late 10th-century Breton-Latin manuscript, is a miscellany of Latin religious texts that may have served as a preacher’s source book. Half of its 56 texts were copied or adapted from Hiberno- Latin works. The Vatican manuscript’s homily on the Octave of Easter contains an apparent Old Irish gloss, originally interlinear. Once its language was misidentified and its meaning misunderstood at some point in the manuscript tradition, the gloss was changed into a two-word Latin noun phrase and made part of the Latin text. The phrase, however, makes no sense in its Latin sentence, nor does the noun exist in any Latin dictionary. The Vatican scribe added construe marks to clarify the main elements of the relative clause in which the phrase is found. This paper provides a photograph and transcription of the passage in the manuscript, discusses the purpose of the construe marks, identifies the Old Irish word, and explains why it was an appropriate choice for the Latin word it was intended to interpret.
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