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Copy of an Anglo-Saxon charter, dated 928, by which Æthelstan, king of England (924-939) granted 12 hides at Odstock, Wiltshire, to Byrhtferth, his minister.
The original scribe appears to have supplied both the date and location of the meeting: Easter day (16 April), Exeter. This copy was entered into a cartulary of Old Minster, Winchester (Codex Wintoniensis).

The charter is witnessed by three Welsh kings, all designated subreguli:

  • Howel Subregulus, that is, Hywel (Dda) ap Cadell, king of Deheubarth
  • Juþwal Subregulus, that is, Idwal Foel ab Anarawd, king of ('greater') Gwynedd
  • Wurgeat Subregulus, possibly for Gwriad, king of Gwent.
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Anglo-Saxon charters


Hywel Dda ap CadellHywel Dda ap Cadell
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Idwal Foel ab AnarawdIdwal Foel ab Anarawd
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Gwriad [king of Gwent]Gwriad ... king of Gwent
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