Scéla Mongáin ⁊ Echdach Rígéicis‘The story of Mongán and Eochaid Rígéices’

  • Early Irish
  • prose
  • Cycles of the Kings, Medieval Irish literature about poets, Ulster Cycle
Early Irish narrative about Mongán mac Fíachnai and the royal poet Eochaid Rigéices
Scéla Mongáin ⁊ Echdach Rígéicis
‘The story of Mongán and Eochaid Rígéices’
No medieval title is known to have been used. Eleanor Knott published an edition of the text under the title Why Mongán was deprived of noble issue (after the concluding sentence), and it is listed more recently as Scéla Mongáin ⁊ Echdach Rígéicis in Dan M. Wiley, ‘An introduction to the early Irish king tales’ in Essays on the early Irish king tales... (2008).
Initial words (prose)
  • Eochaid Rígéiges ardfili na Herend
  • Early Irish
“apparently belongs to the same period of composition [as Compert Mongáin, Scél asa m-berar... and Scél Mongáin]” (Knott).
prose (primary)


Cycles of the Kings Medieval Irish literature about poets Ulster Cycle

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Mongán mac FíachnaiMongán mac Fíachnai
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Fíachna mac BáetáinFíachna mac Báetáin
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Eochaid RígéicesEochaid RígéicesNo short description available
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[ed.] [tr.] Knott, Eleanor, “Why Mongán was deprived of noble issue”, Ériu 8 (1916): 155–160.
TLH – edition: <link> TLH – translation: <link>
[tr.] Draak, Maartje, and Frida de Jong (trs.), De lastige schare, gevolgd door vijf anekdoten over dichtergeleerden, Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, 1990.
Several passages in Dutch translation
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