Scéla Pátraic ⁊ Luigdech meic Lóegairi‘The story of St Patrick and Lugaid mac Lóegairi’

    • prose
    • Cycles of the Kings
    Anecdote about St Patrick and Lugaid son of Lóegaire mac Néill, king of Tara
    Initial words (prose)
    • <A>raile fechtus tánic Pátraic cu Temraigh ar amus na ríghna bái oc Læguiri mac Néill d'fhoirithin a meic imonn ainces búi fair
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    Mairg caithius proinn, a Chríst cain’ » A single quatrain cited in recension A


    Cycles of the Kings

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    Saint PatrickSaint Patrick / St Patrick (fl. 5th century) – No short description available
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    Lóegaire mac NéillLóegaire mac Néill (fl. 5th century) (ass. time-frame: Lóegaire mac Néill) – according to medieval Irish tradition, high-king of Ireland, son of Níall , and a contemporary of St Patrick
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    Lugaid mac LóegairiLugaid mac Lóegairi – son of Lóegaire mac Néill
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    Angás ingen TassaigAngás ingen Tassaig – wife of Lugaid mac Lóegairi in the tale of Scéla Pátraic ocus Luigdech meic Lóegairi
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    Michael the archangelMichael the archangel
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