Senchas fagbála Caisil ⁊ beandacht ríg‘The story of the finding of Cashel and blessing of kings’

  • Old Irish, Middle Irish
  • prose
  • Cycles of the Kings
The text is a composite one, giving two variants of the same story.
  • Old Irish Middle Irish
  • Old Irish and Middle Irish.
According to Myles Dillon, the composition of the first part (§§ 1-3 in his edition) can be dated to the 8th century, while the second part (§§ 4-8) may have been composed in the 10th century.(1)n. 1 Myles Dillon, ‘The story of the finding of Cashel’, Ériu 16 (1952): 63–64.
prose (primary)
verse, list (secondary)


Cycles of the Kings


Conall CorcConall Corc / Conall Corc mac LuigdechNo short description available
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Caisel ... Cashel
County South Tipperary, Id



Myles Dillon, ‘The story of the finding of Cashel’, Ériu 16 (1952): 63–64.

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[ed.] [tr.] Dillon, Myles [ed. and tr.], “The story of the finding of Cashel”, Ériu 16 (1952): 61–73.

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