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Carl (Carl Johan Sverdrup)
b. 1883–d. 1965

28 publications between 1910 and 1976 indexed
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Works authored

Marstrander, Carl [ed.], Fleadh Dúin na nGéadh ocus Cath Muighe Ráth, Christiania, 1910.

Works edited

Marstrander, Carl S. (et al., eds), Dictionary of the Irish language: based mainly on Old and Middle Irish materials, 15 vols, Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1913–1976.
Bergin, Osborn, and Carl Marstrander (eds.), Miscellany presented to Kuno Meyer, Halle: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1912.
Internet Archive: <link>, <link>

Contributions to journals

Marstrander, Carl, “Remarques aux Zur keltischen Wortkunde VII-VIII de Kuno Meyer”, Revue Celtique 40 (1923): 396–403.
Internet Archive: <link>
Marstrander, Carl, “Die Wiedergabe von εὐαγγέλιον, εὐαγγελίστης im Irischen”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 13 (1921): 49–54.
Internet Archive: <link>
Marstrander, Carl, “Altirische Personennamen mit Gilla”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 13 (1921): 1–2.
Internet Archive: <link>
Marstrander, Carl, “The Dictionary of the Royal Irish Academy”, Revue Celtique 37 (1917–1919): 1–23, 212–229.
Marstrander, Carl, “Remarques aux Zur keltischen Wortkunde, I–VI, de Kuno Meyer”, Revue Celtique 37 (1917–1919): 287–296.
Internet Archive: <link>
Marstrander, Carl, “Altir. gillae”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 12 (1918): 309–322.
Internet Archive: <link>
Marstrander, Carl, “Thór en Irlande”, Revue Celtique 36 (1915–1916): 241–253.
Marstrander, Carl, “The Mid.-Ir. b-future in -éba”, Revue Celtique 36 (1915–1916): 291–292.
Marstrander, Carl, “Remarques sur les Zur keltischen Wortkunde, I-VI, de Kuno Meyer”, Revue Celtique 36 (1915–1916): 335–390.
Internet Archive: <link>
Marstrander, Carl, “Ir. blaicce”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 9 (1913): 288.
Internet Archive: <link>
Marstrander, Carl [ed. and tr.], “Bídh crínna”, Ériu 5 (1911): 126–141.
Marstrander, Carl [ed. and tr.], “Snám Dá Én cid dia tá”, Ériu 5 (1911): 219–225.
Marstrander, Carl [ed. and tr.], “The two deaths”, Ériu 5 (1911): 120–125.
TLH – edition: <link> TLH – translation: <link>
Marstrander, Carl [ed. and tr.], “Sechrán na Banimpire”, Ériu 5 (1911): 161–199.
Marstrander, Carl [ed. and tr.], “A new version of the battle of Mag Rath”, Ériu 5 (1911): 226–247.
TLH – edition: <link> TLH – translation: <link>
Marstrander, Carl, “Ogham XOI”, Ériu 5 (1911): 144.
Marstrander, Carl, “Miscellaneous”, Ériu 5 (1911): 250–252.
Marstrander, Carl [ed. and tr.], “Addendum to Snám Dá Én cid dia tá”, Ériu 5 (1911): 248–249.
Marstrander, Carl, “Ir. emun, emuin”, Ériu 5 (1911): 160.
Marstrander, Carl [ed.], “How Fiachna mac Baedáin obtained the kingdom of Scotland”, Ériu 5 (1911): 113–119.
Marstrander, Carl, “Dative anmaimm”, Ériu 5 (1911): 200.
Marstrander, Carl [ed. and tr.], “The deaths of Lugaid and Derbforgaill”, Ériu 5 (1911): 201–218.
CELT – edition: <link>
Marstrander, Carl [ed. and tr.], “How Samson slew the Gesteda”, Ériu 5 (1911): 145–159.
Marstrander, Carl, “Hibernica”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 7 (1910): 357–418.
Internet Archive: <link>

About the author

Ó Lúing, Seán, Celtic studies in Europe and other essays, Dublin: Geography Publications, 2000.
Binchy, D. A., “Carl J. S. Marstrander”, Ériu 20 (1966): 237–238.