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Nigra, C., Glossae hibernicae ueteres codicis Taurinensis, Paris, 1869.
Internet Archive – originally from Google Books: <link>, <link>

Contributions to journals

Nigra, C., “Une ancienne glose irlandaise”, Revue Celtique 24 (1903): 306–309.
Nigra, C., “Les gloses irlandaises du manuscrit de Berne”, Revue Celtique 2 (1873–1875): 446–452, 508.
Internet Archive: <link> Internet Archive: <link>
Nigra, C., “Gloses irlandaises du manuscrit de Milan”, Revue Celtique 1 (1870–1872): 60–84, 501.
Internet Archive: <link>
Nigra, C., “Un manuscrit irlandais de Vienne”, Revue Celtique 1 (1870–1872): 58–59.
Internet Archive: <link>
Nigra, C., “[Review of: Zeuss, Johann Kaspar, and Hermann Ebel [ed.], Grammatica Celtica: e monumentis vetustis tam Hibernicae linguae quam Britannicarum dialectorum Cambricae, Cornicae, Aremoricae comparatis Gallicae priscae reliquis construxit I. C. Zeuss, revised ed., Berlin: Weidmann, 1871]”, Revue Celtique 1 (1870–1872): 148–160, 502.
Internet Archive: <link>

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