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List of Cornish saints (BAV MS Reg. lat. 191) • Gemma ecclesiastica (Gerald of Wales) • De iure et statu Menevensis ecclesiae (Gerald of Wales) • Vita sancti Cungari (Nova legenda Angliae) • Vita sancti Cungari (Wells fragment) • Liber de verbo (BNF MS 7491) • Ars Brugensis • Haec dulces iuvenes prumpti servate rogamus • Ars metrica (Cruindmáel) • Insulae Sandae brevis descriptio (Edmund MacCana) • Itinerarium in Hibernia (Edmund MacCana) • Párliament na mban • Vocabulary of the Irish dialect spoken by the Highlanders of Scotland (Robert Kirk) • Gaelic-English vocabulary to Bedell's Bible of 1690 (Robert Kirk) • Eachtra Lomnochtáin an tSléibhe Riffe • Paenitentiale Columbani • Betha Brénainn Clúana Ferta I • Tiucfa aimser dubach • Tiucfa aimsear a Brenainn • Is olc atá a nÉri anocht • A écsiu Fáil fégam sein • La geste des Engleis en Yrlande • Commentarius in Matheum (Frigulus) • Collectiones in Epistolas et Evangelia (Smaragdus) • A dhuine nach creit íar cóir

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Photograph of the Grianán of Ailech, Co. Donegal. Credits: Greg Clarke at flickr.com (CC BY 2.0). Two figures have been added to the original image: a scribe (left), based on a manuscript of Gerald of Wales’ Topographia Hiberniae, and a poet and harp-player (right), based on a woodcut in The image of Irelande by John Derricke.