Superscripts and subscripts

This page shows a variety of superscript and subscript symbols, both alphabetic and non-alphabetic. To see further details about a particular entry, such as a fuller description, other images, related entries and manuscript sources, click on the title or image.

Note that scribes may also add missing characters below or above a line of writing, although these are mostly easily distinguishable from characters that occur at superscript or subscript height.


> Susp2.png Susp-stroke-from-LU.png suspension stroke
 » U+0305
Represents: » □n, □(), n□, ()□
> Acutedis 23E29p83.png acute diacritic (disambiguation)
Represents: » (disambiguates i in a string of minims) (Irish)  » Homograph of: síneadh fada
> Dot-super-2.png punctum delens (nasalisation)
Represents: » (indicates nasalisation) (Irish)  » Homograph of: punctum delens (lenition) punctus superscript (abbreviating device)
> Sineadhfada.png síneadh fada
Represents: » (length mark) (Irish)  » Homograph of: acute diacritic (disambiguation)
> Wavy-3B23p44b.png suspension stroke (wavy)
Represents: » □()r, □ir, □er, □ar, ir□ (Irish)  » Notational device: Allograph » Allograph of:  suspension stroke
> Dot-super.png punctus superscript (abbreviating device)
Represents: » miscellaneous (Latin)  » Homograph of: punctum delens (lenition) punctum delens (nasalisation)
> Ur-3.png Ur-2.png ur (superscript wavy)
Represents: » □ur, □ru, u□ (rare) (Irish) 
> Estsup-RawlB488f17rb.png est (superscript)
Represents: » □ est, □est (Latin) 
> no image available apostrophe (superscript)
Represents: » □s, □()s (Irish) » □us, □()s, □() (Latin) 
> C-superscript-2.png C-superscript-1.png c (superscript)
Represents: » □ac, □ach, □()c (Irish) » □ac, □()c (Latin) 
> M stroke.png m stroke
Represents: » □m, □um, □()m (Irish) 
> O-superscript.png o (superscript)
Represents: » □ro, □or, □oir (Irish) » □uo, □()o (Latin) 
> Tsuper-LUp5a.png t (superscript)
Represents: » □t, □()t (Irish) » □t, □()t (Latin) 
> Ar-air-23O48f2rb23.png suspension stroke (sinuous)
Represents: » □ar, □air (Irish) 
> no image available d (superscript)
Represents: » □d (Irish) » □d (Latin) 
> E-super-23P12f250r.png e (superscript)
Represents: » □er, □re, □e (Irish) » □er, □re, □e (Latin) 
> Er-1.png er (vertical tilde or 'flame')
 » U+033E
Represents: » □er, □ear, □r (Irish) 
> Err-1.png Err-2.png err (two inverted tildes)
Represents: » □err, □earr » Notational device: Superscript symbol
> Spiritus.png spiritus asper
Represents: » □h (Irish)  » Notational device: Allograph » Allograph of:  punctum delens (lenition)
> Punctum-delens.png punctum delens (lenition)
Represents: » □h » Homograph of: punctum delens (nasalisation) punctus superscript (abbreviating device)
> Breve-ponc.png breve
Represents: » □h » Notational device: Allograph » Allograph of:  punctum delens (lenition)
> I-superscript-ang.png i (superscript), angular variant
Represents: » □ri, □ir (Irish) » □ri, □ir (Latin) 
> Msuper-RIA3B23p33.png m (superscript allograph)
Represents: » □m (Irish) » □m (Latin) 
> Doublesuspensionstroke(23O48af26).png suspension stroke (double)
 » U+033F
Represents: » □nn (Irish)  » Notational device: Superscript symbol
> A-superscript.png a (superscript)
Represents: » □ra (Irish) » □ra (Latin) 
> A-super-23P12f249r.png a (superscript rounded)
Represents: » □ra (Irish) » □ra (Latin) 
> Ri-rounded.png Ri-rounded-2.png i (superscript rounded)
Represents: » □ri / □ir (Irish) » □ri / □ir (Latin)  » Notational device: Allograph » Allograph of:  i (superscript), angular variant
> Usuprounded-23O48af26rb.png U-superscript-23P12f195va.png u (superscript rounded)
Represents: » □ur, □ru, □uir (Irish) 
> Uv-super-Dv2a13r.png u (superscript v)
Represents: » □ru, □ur, □uir (Irish) 
> U-super-23P12f249r.png u (superscript)
Represents: » □ur, □ru, □uir
> A12p37-s-super.png s (superscript)
Represents: » □s (Irish) 



> Asubopen-23E29p162b.png a (subscript open)
Represents: » a » Notational device: Allograph » Allograph of:  a (subscript)
> A-subscript.png a (subscript)
Represents: » a
> Crossstrokethroughdescender.png cross stroke (subscript)
Represents: » □(), □()r, (miscellaneous) (Irish) 
> G1303p17-i-sub.png i (subscript curled)
Represents: » □i (Irish)  » Notational device: Allograph » Allograph of:  i (subscript)
> I-subscript-1.png I-subscript-2.png A12p37-i-sub.png i (subscript)
Represents: » i (Irish) » i (Latin) 
> Deletionmark.png punctums delens (subscript)
 » U+0323
Represents: » (marks symbol for deletion) (Irish) » (marks symbol for deletion) (Latin)