Stokes, Whitley [ed. and tr.]


Entries citing this publication

no.Stokes’ titlePagesEntry in *selgā
53Benn Boguine473Dinnshenchas of Benn Bóguine
54Mag Corainn473–474Dinnshenchas of Mag Corainn
55Loch n-Echach474–476Dinnshenchas of Túag Inbir and Loch nEchach
56Loch n-Erne476–477Dinnshenchas of Loch nÉrne
57Slíab Betha477–478Dinnshenchas of Slíab Betha
58Coire mBreccáin478–479Dinnshenchas of Coire mBreccáin
59Benn Foibni479Dinnshenchas of Benn Foibne
60Ard Fothaid479–480Dinnshenchas of Ard Fothaid
61Ard Macha480–481Dinnshenchas of Ard Macha
62Mag Coba482Dinnshenchas of Mag Coba
63Sliab Callainn482Dinnshenchas of Slíab Callann
64Sliab Fuait483Dinnshenchas of Slíab Fúait II
65Lia Lindgadain484Dinnshenchas of Lía Lindgadain
66Mag Mugna485–486Dinnshenchas of Mag Mugna
67Findloch Cera486Dinnshenchas of Findloch Cera
68Mag Tailten486–487Dinnshenchas of Tailtiu
69Benn Bairchi487Dinnshenchas of Benn Boirche I
70Traig Tuirbi488Dinnshenchas of Tráig Thuirbe
71Lusmag489Dinnshenchas of Lusmag
72Benn Codail490Dinnshenchas of Benn Codail
73Tlachtga490–491Dinnshenchas of Tlachtga
74Inber Cichmaini491–492Dinnshenchas of Inber Cíchmaine
75Loch Cé492–493Dinnshenchas of Loch Cé
76Mag nDumach493–494Dinnshenchas of Mag nDumach
77Cnucha494–495Dinnshenchas of Cnucha I