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Studia Celtica 35 (2001).

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Studia Celtica, volume 35
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Young, Simon, “Note on Britones in thirteenth-century Galicia”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 361–362.
Isaac, G. R., “Nodiadau ar linellau ac awdlau o'r Gododdin”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 271–283.
Driver, T. G., and R. B. Charnock, “Prehistoric flint finds from Plas Gogerddan, near Aberystwyth, Ceredigion”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 341–350.
Arbuthnot, Sharon, “The manuscript tradition of Cóir anmann”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 285–298.
Nikolaeva, Natalia, “The drink of death”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 299–306.
Young, Simon, “A note on St Patrick’s Confessio: Gloria patris est”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 360.
Mc Carthy, Daniel P., “Topographical characteristics of the Vita prima and Vita Cogitosi sanctae Brigitae”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 245–270.
Mytum, Harold, and Chris Webster, “Survey and excavation at Henllys Top Field and Cwm Gloyne enclosures”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 89–108.
Harper, Sally, “Issues in dating the repertory of Cerdd Dant”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 325–340.
Ward, Michael, and George Smith, “The Llŷn Crop Marks Project”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 1–88.
Isaac, G. R., “An Indo-European athematic imperfect in Welsh? Middle Welsh gwant”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 354–359.
Roberts, Sara Elin, “Legal practice in fifteenth-century Brycheiniog”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 307–323.
García Alonso, Juan Luis, “The place names of ancient Hispania and its linguistic layers”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 213–244.
Kissock, Jonathan, and Nik Wright, “The excavation of a charcoal-burning platform at Llanelen, Gower”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 143–159.
Spurgeon, C. J., “The medieval town defences of Glamorgan”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 161–212.
Sell, S. H., Adam Gwilt, and Peter Webster, “Recent excavation and survey work at Sudbrook Camp, Portskewett, Monmouthshire (ST 507873)”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 109–141.
Isaac, G. R., “The Gaulish inscription of Séraucourt à Bourges”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 350–353.
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