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Studia Celtica Fennica 6 (2009).

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Bernhardt-House, Phillip A., “Warriors, words and wood: oral and literary wisdom in the exploits of Irish mythological warriors”, Studia Celtica Fennica 6 (2009): 5–19. <link>
Wooding, Jonathan M., “Reapproaching the pagan Celtic past – anti-nativism, asterisk reality and the Late-Antiquity paradigm”, Studia Celtica Fennica 6 (2009): 61–74. <link>
Tuomi, Ilona, “Whore, witch, saint, goddess? Sheela-na-gig: ilmiö ja historia”, Studia Celtica Fennica 6 (2009): 40–60. <link>
Lampinen, Antti, “In vacuum pontem gallus processit – Some hypotheses on the duel of Manlius Torquatus and a Gaul”, Studia Celtica Fennica 6 (2009): 26–39.
 : <link>
Delamarre, Xavier, “Octocannae Matres et le thème aucto-, octo- (celtique *ougtu- > ōχtu-)”, Studia Celtica Fennica 6 (2009): 20–25. – PDF: <link>
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