Táin bó Cúailgne, recension II

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Ulster Cycle Táin bó Cúailnge

Work in progress.

The pillow-talk (comrád chindcherchailli) of Medb and Ailill in Crúachu » entry

» Comments: Lines 1–146 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 53b (Fecht n-óen do Ailill...)-55a (...⁊ dobérthar ón). In the conclusion to the introduction proper (below), this tale is referred to as comrád chind cherchaille doringni Ailill ⁊ Medb i Crúachain (‘the pillow-talk held by Ailill and Medb in Crúachu’).

Introduction to the Táin bó Cúailnge » entry

» Comments: Lines 147–296 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 55a (Urthatar techta ó Meidb...)-56a (...comrád chind cherchaille doringni Ailill ⁊ Medb i Crúachain connice sain). The conclusion to this episode refers to it as tairngire ⁊ remfástini ⁊ cendphairt in sceóil (‘prophecy and augury, and the prelude to the tale’).

The beginning of the hosting » entry

» Comments: Lines 297–716 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 56a (Sligi na Tána in so...)-61b (...reme no maidsed ⁊ ní fair no raínfide). The episode is announced as Sligi na Tána ... ⁊ tossach in tslúagid anmand na sliged dochúatar cethri ollchóiced Hérend i crích Ulad (‘the route of the Táin and the beginning of the hosting together with the names of the roads on which the men of the four great provinces of Ireland travelled into the land of Ulster’).

Praise of Cú Chulainn » entry

» Comments: Lines 717–737 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 61b (Ceist didiu, cia bad dóig diar tíachtain?...)-62a (...andás inbaid inad fail), without subheading.

Macgnímrada Con Culaind: beginning » entry

» Comments: Lines 738–819 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 62a (Dáig alta in mac sin i tig a athar...)-63a (....xvii. mbliadna de for Táin Bó Cúalnge), headed Incipiunt macgnímrada Con Culaind.

Macgnímrada Con Culaind: how Cú Chulainn acquired his name » entry

» Comments: Lines 820–920 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 63a (Is and sin atubairt Cormac Cond Longas... )-64b (....xvii. mbliadna de for Táin Bó Cúalnge), without a separate subheading (cf. Aided con na cerda in TBC I).

Macgnímrada Con Culaind: the death of the three sons of Nechta Scéne » entry

» Comments: Lines 921–1217 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 64b (Doringni in mac bec in tres gním...)-68a, without a separate subheading. The concluding rubric refers back to the previous matter: Conid innisin do macgnímaib Con Culaind sin for Táin Bó Cúalnge, ocus remthús in sceóil ⁊ na sliged ⁊ imthechta in tslúaig a Crúachain connici sin (‘Thus far then is some account of the youthful deeds of Cú Chulainn on the Cattle-raid of Cúailnge, together with the prologue of the tale and an account of the route and march of the host out of Crúachu’).

The death of Orlám » entry

» Comments: Lines 1218–1246 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 68a (In scél fodessin is ní and fodechtsa...)–68b (...tasbénais do feraib Hérend in cend), without title heading.

The deaths of the three sons of Árach » entry

» Comments: Lines 1247–1257 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 68b (Is and sin táncatar trí meic Árach......Torchratar meic Árach samlaid la Coin Culaind), without title heading.

The death of Lethan » entry

» Comments: Lines 1258–1266 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 68b (Tánic dano Lethan......Áth Lethan i crích Conailli Murthemne).

The harpers of Caín Bile, and the deaths of the marten and the pet bird » entry

» Comments: Lines 1267–1279 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 68b (And sain táncatar crutti Caínbili......in cloich assa thabaill), without title heading.

The Táin in Mag mBreg and Mag Muirtheimne » entry

» Comments: Lines ... (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 68b (Táncatar cethri ollchóiceda Hérend arnabárach...)-69a (...Conid ní de búadaib Duind Chúalnge in sin), without title heading

The death of Lócha, Medb’s handmaiden » entry

» Comments: Lines 1334-1348 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 69a (Dollotar na slúaig iarum im ailib...)-69b (...a eólusa ba hí Medb boí and), without title heading.

The death of Úalu and the crossing of the rivers » entry

» Comments: Lines 1349- (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 69b (Lotar na slúaig arnabárach.......Is as sain ainm Glassi Gatlaig)

Negotiations with Cú Chulainn (first attempt)

» Comments: LL 69b (Táncatar cethri ollchóiceda Hérend...)-70a (...balotar ass tria chomfeirg di leith for leth)

Negotiations with Cú Chulainn (second attempt)

» Comments: LL p. 70a (Gabsat cethri ollchóiceda Hérend dúnad...)-70b (...‘Is ésium ra acallais,’ ar Fergus)-

Negotiations with Cú Chulainn (third attempt)

» Comments: LL pp. 70b (‘Berar coma aile dó,’ ar Medb...)-71a (...aurnaidmis Fergus fón samlaid cétna foraib)

The encounter of Etarcomal with Cú Chulainn » entry

» Comments: Lines 1565–1695 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 71a (Ro gabad echrad Fergusa...)-72b (...Comrac Etarcomla fri Coin Culaind). This episode concludes with a rubric which refers to it as Comrac Etarcomla fri Coin Culaind.

The death of Nath Crantail » entry

» Comments: Lines 1696–1755 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 72b (And sin atraacht láech prósta mór do muntir Medba...)-73a (...do Meidb co tríun in tslúaig)

The taking of the bull » entry

» Comments: Lines 1756–1794 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 73a (Dolluid iarum Medb co tríun in tslúaig...)-73b (...Conid Bás Forgaimin in sin for Táin Bó Cúalnge). It occurs here without title heading but corresponds to Fagbáil in tairb in TBC I. The concluding (sub)episode is entitled Bás Forgaimin.

The death of Redg the satirist » entry

» Comments: Lines ....-1815 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 73b (Odariachtatar fir Hérend go óenbaile......conid de atá Umansruth ó sin)

The death of Cáur » entry

» Comments: Lines 1816–1857 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 73b (Atrubratur fir Hérend...)-74a (...fo leith díb d'innisin)

The death of Fer Báeth » entry

» Comments: Lines 1858–1914 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 74a (Is and sin rádis Cú Chulaind...)-74b (...ní Fer Báeth fo ná ránic...), after which one page is wanting. The missing portion can be supplied from the Stowe version (ends ...isin gleand ó chianaibh).

The encounter with Láiríne mac Nóis » entry

» Comments: Lines 1914–1961 (O'Rahilly 1967) = Stowe only (Indis dam-sa cia tic imárach......comrac Láiríne ann sin for Táin Bó Cúailnge). The copy in LL is lost due to one-page gap, but the episode is preserved in the Stowe version.

The encounter with Lóch mac Mo Febis (part 1) » entry

» Comments: Lines 1962– (O'Rahilly 1967) = Stowe only (Is ann sin do goiredh Lóch Mór mac Mo Febhis ...... Iar sin ro comraicsit forsan áth úachtarach). The copy in LL is lost due to one-page gap, but the episode is preserved in the Stowe version.

The (hostile) encounter with the Morrígan » entry

» Comments: Lines ?1989–... (O'Rahilly 1967) = Stowe only (Is ann sin táinic in Morrígan ingen Ernmais ...... i riocht saidhi gairbi glasrúaidhi). The copy in LL is lost due to one-page gap, but the episode is preserved in the Stowe version.

The encounter with Lóch mac Mo Febis (part 2) » entry

» Comments: Lines ...–2094 (O'Rahilly 1967) = Stowe (Cien goirit boí Cú Chulainn igá díchur dhe ...)–LL p. 75a-b (... Conid Comrac Lóich Móir meic Ma Femis fri Coin Cúlaind sin for Táin Bó Cúalnge). Only the opening words of this section are missing from LL.

Further encounters and the healing of the Morrígan » entry

» Comments: Lines 2095–2120 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 75b (And sain faítti Medb in sessiur úadi ...... fo sruthair na haband)

Breslech Maige Murthemne » entry

» Comments: Lines 2121–2337 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 75b (RO gabsat cethri chóicid Hérend dúnad ...)–78b (... cen bithanim tria bithu betha), headed Breslech Maige Murthemne so sís. Two subnarratives are referred to as if bearing titles of their own: Aided na maccraide Ulad ... ⁊ Follomna meic Conchobuir (on the unsuccessful attack by Follomán and a band of youths); Sesrech Breslige (on the carnage inflicted by Cú Chulainn in the scythed chariot).

Cú Chulainn’s appearance and Dubthach’s jealousy » entry

» Comments: Lines 2338–2438 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 75b (DOtháet Cú Chulaind arnabárach ...)–79b (... Carpat Serda connice sin). In the concluding statement, this section is regarded as being part of the episode called Carpat serda (‘The scythed chariot’). --->

The death of Óengus mac Óenláime Gábe » entry

» Comments: Lines 2439–2446 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 79b (Is and sin ras fárraid óclách ...... ac Áth Da Fert i Sléib Fúait), without title heading.

The mis-throw at Belach Eóin (Imroll Belaig Eóin) » entry

» Comments: Lines 2447–2459 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 79b (IS and sin radechaid chucu-som Fiacha Fíaldána ...... Imroll aile Belaig Eóin ainm aile dó 'no), headed Imroll Belaig Eóin and so innossa

The death of Tamun the jester » entry

» Comments: Lines 2460–2472 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 79b (ANd sin ra ráidsetar fir Hérend ...... Corop Áth Tamuin and sin ⁊ Tugi im Thamon), headed Tuige im Thamon and so innossa.

The encounter with Fergus (Comrac Fergusa) » entry

» Comments: Lines 2473–2509 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 79b (RA gabsat cethri ollchóicid Hérend dúnad ...)–80a (... Conid Comrac Fergusa and sin)

The encounter with Ferchú Loingsech

» Comments: Lines ... (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 80a (FErchú Longsech ésen do Chonnachtaib ...... .i. Cennáit Ferchon), headed Cinnit Ferchon and so innossa.

The encounter with Calatín Dána and his offspring (Comrac chlainne Calatín)

» Comments: Lines ... (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 80a (IS and sin ra himráided ac feraib Hérend ...)–81a (...onid Comrac Clainne Calatín connice sin)

The encounter with Fer Diad (Comrac Fir Diad) » entry

» Comments: Lines 2606–3608 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 81a, headed Comrac Fir Dead in so (IS and sin ra imráided oc feraib Hérend ...)–88b (... Aided Fir Diad gonnici sin) + epilogue LL p. 89a (ANd sain daríachtatar óendóene ... Drong, Delt, Dubglass).

The hard fight of Cethern (Caladgleó Cethirn) and Fuile Cethirn » entry

» Comments: Lines 3609–3811 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 89a (IS and sain ra ráidset fir Hérend...)–91a (Conid Caladgleó Cethirn and sin ⁊ Fule Cethirn).

The tooth-fight of Fintan (Fiacalgleó Findtain) » entry

» Comments: Lines 3812–3835 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 91a (FIntan ésede mac Néill Niamglonnaig ...)–91b (...Conid Fiacalgleó Fintain and sain), headed Fiacalgleó Fintain and so innossa

The red shame of Mend (Rúadrucce Mind) » entry

» Comments: Lines 3836–3855 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 91b (MEnd mac Sálcholgán éside ó Rénaib na Bóinne ...... dá immfdotuirech), headed Ruadrucce Mind and so innossa

The missile-throwing of the charioteers (Airecur nArad) » entry

» Comments: Lines 3856–3861 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 91b (IS and sain daríachtatar ...... Corop Airecor nArad and sain), headed Airecur nArad and innossa

The bloodless fight of Rochad (Bángleó Rochada) » entry

» Comments: Lines 3862–3893 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 92a (REochaid mac Fathemain éside d'Ultaib ......Conid Bángleó Rochada and sain), headed Bángleó Rochada and so innossa

The humorous fight of Iliach (Mellgleó Illiach) » entry

» Comments: Lines 3894–3936 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 92a (ILiach éside mac Caiss ...)–92b (... Conid Mellgleó Íliach gonici sein), headed Mellgleó nÍliach and so innossa

The trance of Amairgen (Aislinge nAimirgin) and the encounter with Cú Roí » entry

» Comments: (1) Lines 3937–3943 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 92b (AMairgin éside mae Caiss ...... ⁊ teóra n-aidche), headed Oisligi Amargin i Taltin and so annossa;and (2) lines 3944–3980 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 92b (RAcúas dó-saide óenfer ...) –93a ( ... Conid Ossligi Amargin i Taltin and sain), headed Imthúsa Chon Rui meic Dáire.

The repeated warning of Súaltaim » entry

» Comments: Lines 3981–?4047 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 93a (SUaltaim éside mac Becaltaig meic Móraltaig...)–93b (...chomlaind & chomraic), headed Sírrobud Sualtaim and so innossa

The muster of the Ulstermen » entry

» Comments: Lines ?4048–4147 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 94a (Acus iss and sain barrecgaim echlach ...)–94b (... Ilgárig isin matin se monairther)

The march of the companies » entry

» Comments: Lines 4148–4687 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 95a (And sain confuchtraither Dubthach ...)–101a (...níra lúathiu na nóecharptig andá in triar de choiss)

The muster of the men of Ireland » entry

» Comments: Lines 4688–4918 (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL pp. 101a (And sain daríachtatar chucu-som ...)–104b (...Gorop a hús ⁊ a imthúsa ⁊ a deired na Tánad gonici sein)

Colophon to the Táin bó Cúailnge » entry

» Comments: Line 4919ff (O'Rahilly 1967) = LL p. 104b (BEndacht ar cech óen mebraigfes ...... ad delectationem stultorum)


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