Tristram, H. L. C., Text und Zeittiefe (1994)

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Tristram 1994b

Tristram, Hildegard L. C. [ed.], Text und Zeittiefe, ScriptOralia 58, Tübingen: Gunter Narr, 1994.

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Work Text und Zeittiefe
Place Tübingen
Publisher Gunter Narr
Year 1994
Series ScriptOralia 58

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Contributor(s) Title Page(s)
Tymoczko (Maria)
Invasions, subversions, reversions: the form of early Irish narrative 71–85
Schaefer (Ursula)
Lanval — eine Geschichte auf dem Weg zum Text 87–115
Frank (Barbara)
Varianten, Fortsetzungen, Neubearbeitungen. Zur Textgeschichte des Conte del Graal von Chrétien de Troyes 117–148
Bruford (Alan)
Cú Chulainn — an ill-made hero? 185–215
Le Duc (Gwenaël)
Le théâtre populaire breton: transmission écrite et orale. Problématique d’une symbiose 233–292
Mac Mathúna (Séamus)
The structure and transmission of early Irish voyage literature 313–357
Mac Giolla Léith (Caoimhín)
Oidheadh Chloinne hUisneach: the transmission of a Gaelic romance 439–454
Ó Briain (Máirtín)
Oisín’s biography: conception and birth 455–486
Shkunayev (Sergey)
Variability of the written text: aspects of early Irish literacy 525–529

Tristram 1994b

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