Uppsala, Universitetsbibliotek, MS H. 248

  • 1625/6
  • Irish manuscripts
H. 248
Philippi OSulleuani Bearri Hiberni Vindiciae Hibernicae contra Giraldum Cambrensem et alios vel Zoilomastigis liber primus, 2, 3, 4 et 5 et contra Stanihurstum
Manuscript containing an autograph copy of the Zoilomastix (c. 1625/6) by Philip O'Sullivan Beare.
Provenance and related aspects
c. 1625/6
Hands, scribes
Philip O'Sullivan BeareÓ Súilleabháin Béirre (Pilib) (d. 1634 or after) – Irish historian and author, of the O'Sullivans of Beare and Bantry, who lived as an exile in Spain and Portugal, following the Nine Years’ War and the Irish defeat at Kinsale. He wrote a number of Latin treatises on subjects of Irish interest.
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Later history
The manuscript was acquired in Madrid in 1690 by the Swedish antiquary and diplomat J. G. Sparwenfeld. The work was considered lost until it was brought to light at Carolina Rediviva in 1932 (see McKendry and O'Donnell).

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[ed.] O'Donnell, Thomas J. [ed.], Selections from the Zoilomastix of Philip O'Sullivan Beare, Dublin: Stationery Office for the Irish Manuscripts Commission, 1960.

Secondary sources (select)

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