us (symbol)
Image: 1.  Us.png 2. Us-2.png
» 1. [File] Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1339 (H 2. 18, 1339) = Book of Leinster [s. xii2], p. 113b
» 2. [File] Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 O 48a (476) = Liber Flavus Fergusiorum, part 1 [c. 1435-1440], f. 26r

Letter(s) displayed: <3> (base form in image, without marks, as it may appear to the untrained eye)
Represents in Irish: us / as / os (in the scribe's mind or in normalised spelling)
Represents in Latin: us / et / () (in the scribe's mind or in normalised spelling)
Build type: Component
Position: Baseline
Type of symbol: Symbol
Not to be confused with: r (rotunda)
Represents: » In Irish: us / as / os
» In Latin: us / et / ()
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Examples in context: Examples in other contexts, if available
> G1303p17-agus.png agus (ag with us symbol)
Represents: » agus (Irish) 
> Arus-23E29p112.png arus (digraph)
Represents: » arus (Irish)  » Notational device: Digraph
> Fergus4.png Fergus (vertical tilde)
Represents: » fergus, Fergus (Irish) 
> Gus.png Gus-4.png Gus-2.png Gus-1.png gus (us symbol)
Represents: » gus (Irish) » gus (Latin) 
> ImthechusLaud610f146r.png imthechus (example)
Represents: » imthechus (Irish) 
> Que-Dii1f122vb.png Que-ce-RIADii1f121r.png que (digraph)
Represents: » ce (Irish) » que (Latin)  » Notational device: Digraph
> Set-sed-UCDA12p16b.png sed, acht (insular s with us symbol)
Represents: » acht (Irish) » set, sed (Latin) 
> Sus-RawlB512-f31va.png sus (digraph with long s)
Represents: » sus, sas, sed, acht (Irish) » sus, set, sed (Latin)  » Notational device: Digraph
> Tuicus.png tuicius (example)
Represents: » tuicius, tuicios (Irish) 
> Tusso.png tusso (example)
Represents: » tusso (Irish) 
Entries related in meaning: Possible equivalents matching one of the values in the transcription above, if available
> Et.png Et-2.png Et-Div1f2rb.png et (digraph)
Represents: » et (Irish) » et, & (Latin)  » Notational device: Digraph
> Ocus.png Irish ocus, Latin et, etc. (Tironian note)
 » U+204A
Represents: » ocus, agus, et, ead (Irish) » et (Latin) 

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