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Medieval and Renaissance Studies


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Viator 47 (2016)

Viator 46 (2015)

Viator 44 (2013)

Viator 43 (2012)

Viator 40 (2009)

Viator 36 (2005)

Viator 30 (1999)

Author Title Page(s)
Jochens (Jenny)
Race and ethnicity in the Old Norse world 79–104

Viator 26 (1995)

Author Title Page(s)
Bray (Dorothy Ann)
Allegory in the Navigatio sancti Brendani 1–10

Viator 23 (1992)

Author Title Page(s)
Gibson (Margaret)
Milestones in the study of Priscian, circa 800–circa 1200 17–34

Viator 22 (1991)

Author Title Page(s)
Welsh (Andrew)
Branwen, Beowulf, and the tragic peaceweaver tale 1–14

Viator 19 (1988)

Author Title Page(s)
Ford (Patrick K.)
Celtic women: the opposing sex 417–438

Viator 7 (1976)

Author Title Page(s)
Russell (Josiah Cox)
The earlier medieval plague in the British Isles 65–78

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