Wade-Evans, A. W.


Wade-Evans, A. W., Vitae sanctorum Britanniae et genealogiae, History and Law Series 9, 1st ed., Cardiff: University of Wales Press Board, 1944.

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Vitae sanctorum Britanniae et genealogiae
University of Wales Press Board
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Wade-Evans, A. W., and Scott Lloyd [ed.], Vitae sanctorum Britanniae et genealogiae, Studies in Medieval Wales, 2nd ed. (1944), Cardiff: Welsh Academic Press, 2013.  
This work, first published in 1944, provides the most reliable texts of the Lives of Welsh saints based upon the Cotton MS in the British Library from 1200. Out of print for over 50 years this work is still the standard edition of these Lives and is still widely used by scholars today. As well as being the major text for our information concerning the Welsh saints it also contain some of the earliest Arthurian material and are the first to make Arthur a king.

The Editor has taken this opportunity to add some additional material in the way of:

  • A new introduction reviewing the scholarship on the subject of Welsh saints over the last 60 years
  • Translation and detailed commentary on the Life of St. Beuno (Buchedd Beuno) and St. David by A. W. Wade-Evans, not included in the original edition.
The lives of eleven saints are included in their original language with a facing page English translation for nine of them. Also included are six genealogical tracts that provide even more biographical information from medieval Welsh tradition.
(source: Welsh Academic Press)