Watt, D. E. R. [gen. ed.]


Watt, D. E. R. [gen. ed.], Walter Bower. Scotichronicon, 9 vols, Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 1987–1998.

  • edited collection
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Walter Bower. Scotichronicon (9 vols)
Aberdeen University Press
Parts indexed separately
Watt, D. E. R., Walter Bower. Scotichronicon, vol. 8: Books XIV–XV, Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 1987.
MacQueen, John, and Winifred MacQueen (eds), Walter Bower. Scotichronicon, vol. 2: Books III–IV, Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 1989.
Corner, David J., A. B. Scott, William W. Scott, and D. E. R. Watt (eds), Walter Bower. Scotichronicon: Books VII–VIII, vol. 4, Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 1994.
  • Vol. 1: Books I-II, ed. John MacQueen and Winifred MacQueen
  • Vol. 2: Books III-IV, ed. John MacQueen and Winifred MacQueen
  • Vol. 3: Books V-VI, ed. John MacQueen, Winifred MacQueen and D. E. R. Watt.
  • Vol. 4: Books VII-VIII, ed. David J. Corner, et al.
  • Vol. 5: Books IX-X, ed. Simon Taylor and D. E. R. Watt ; with Brian Scott.
  • Vol. 6: Books XI-XII, ed. Norman F. Shead, Wendy B. Stevenson and D. E. R. Watt ; with Alan Borthwick, et al.
  • Vol. 7: Books XIII-XIV, ed. A. B. Scott and D.E.R. Watt; with Ulrike Moret and Norman F. Shead.
  • Vol. 8: Books XV-XVI, ed. D. E. R. Watt.
  • Vol. 9. Critical studies and general indexes, ed. D.E.R. Watt, et al.
Subjects and topics
Walter BowerBower (Walter)
Abbot and canon regular of Inchcolm Abbey and historian who wrote an elaborate work known as the Scotichronicon.
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