Willemsen, A., et al., Golden middle ages in Europe: new research into early-medieval communities and identities (2015)

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Willemsen and Kik 2015a

Willemsen, Annemarieke, and Hanneke Kik (eds), Golden middle ages in Europe: new research into early-medieval communities and identities, Turnhout: Brepols, 2015.

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Golden middle ages in Europe: new research into early-medieval communities and identities
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Vaan (Michiel de)
Before the birds started nesting: linguistic diversity in the early-medieval Low Countries 8–14
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Dorestad was an important harbour town in the middle of the present-day Netherlands, that had its hey-day in the Carolingian period, but was already an important settlement in the centuries before, with a famous 7th-century Frankish mint. In July 2014, the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden hosted the second Dorestad congress, exactly five years after the first. This congress was attached to the exhibition ‘Golden Middle Ages: The Netherlands in the Merovingian World, 400-700 ad’ and brought together historians, archaeologists and linguists to discuss these ‘Dark Ages’, their burials and settlements, rituals and identities, and the position of the Low Countries in the world-wide networks of early-medieval Europe. Contributions in these congress proceedings are devoted to key themes like early-medieval identity and agency, so-called royal burials in Europe, significant find categories like garnets, coins and Merovingian glass, important new sites and finds from the Low Countries and recent work in the Carolingian ‘vicus famosus’ of Dorestad.
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