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Doyle, Adrian, Würzburg Irish glosses, Online: National University of Ireland, Galway, 2018–present.

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Würzburg Irish glosses
National University of Ireland, Galway
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The manuscript, Codex Paulinus Wirziburgensis, contains the Latin text of the epistles of St. Paul. Marginal and interlinear glosses explaining this text have been added to the codex in three distinguishable scribal hands. Dating from about the middle of the eighth century, these glosses comprise one of the earliest large bodies of text written in Irish. The purpose of this site is to make to make the Würzburg Irish glosses available in digital format. The digital text is based on the edition of the glosses available in Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus, Vol. 1 (Stokes and Strachan, 1901). Here the editors present 3,501 glosses which include Irish content, noting however, that further glosses have apparently been lost due to the age of the manuscript, and the process of its binding. This site is currently under construction. As work progresses, further functionality will be introduced allowing more in-depth interaction with the text of the glosses.
Related publications
Stokes, Whitley, and John Strachan (eds.), Thesaurus palaeohibernicus: a collection of Old-Irish glosses, scholia, prose, and verse, 3 vols, vol. 1: Biblical glosses and scholia, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1901.  
comments: The first volume of Thesaurus palaeohibernicus covers glosses and scholia on the Old and New Testament. Reprinted by DIAS in 1975.
Internet Archive – vol. 1: <link>
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