Wulff, Winifred


Wulff, Winifred, “On wounds [previously unpublished translation]”, CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts, Online: University College Cork, 2013.

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“On wounds [previously unpublished translation]”
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This edition is based on unpublished galley proofs of a book intended to be published by the ITS before Wulff died (1946). It was to comprise a medical tract, entitled Hortus Sanitatis, and English translations of various shorter texts published elsewhere, such as this, and a fragment on the Grades (RIA 23 F 19). The Irish texts on Wounds and on the Grades were published by Wulff in 1934 and are available online at CELT (G600012 and G600011). CELT is indebted to the Council of the ITS who kindly gave their permission to make this translation available online. The galley proofs have not been edited at CELT (except for resolving some queries) but have been arranged in numbered paragraphs to line with the arrangement in Wulff's 1934 edition. Unfortunately, one page of proofs was missing. The text in question (last sentence of para.1; and 2) was kindly translated by Alan mac an Bhaird.
Related publications
Wulff, Winifred, “A mediaeval handbook of gynaecology and midwifery: preceded by a section on the grades and on the treatment of wounds and some good counsel to the physician himself finishing with a discussion on the treatment of scabies”, in: Fraser, J., P. Grosjean, and J. G. O'Keeffe (eds.), Irish texts, fasciculus V, London, 1934. i–xxvii, 1–99.
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Irish medicine and medical writing
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