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How to become a donor

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How to become a donor

As a non-profit organisation, the A. G. van Hamel Foundation for Celtic Studies depends on the donations of its supporters to help carry on its mission. Although our audience largely consists of Dutch speakers, anyone who wishes to support us is more than welcome to become a donor of the foundation. All donors receive a copy of our Dutch-language journal Kelten: Mededelingen van de Stichting A. G. van Hamel voor Keltische Studies four times each year. Donors are also entitled to discount on various events organised by the foundation, such as the annual Celtic Colloquium and the Van Hamel Lectures.

How to become a donor

Individuals become donors by making (at least) € 28,- (in the Benelux) or € 34,- (outside the Benelux) per calendar year payable to the foundation (details are given below). Museums and other institutions can do so by transferring € 67,50 (in the Benelux) or € 76,- (outside the Benelux) per year. Anyone who is prepared to extend further help has the option to become a 'Patron Benefactor' for € 90,- per year, or a 'Benefactor for Life' by making a once-only grant of € 450,-. Of course, we also welcome special grants which do not fit into this scheme. Benefactors for Life, Patron Benefactors and grantors of special donations will be acknowledged by name in Kelten if they so prefer.

(Private) donor (Benelux): € 28,- / year
(Private) donor (outside the Benelux): € 34,- / year
Museums and institutions (Benelux): € 67,50 / year
Museums and institutions (outside the Benelux): € 76,- / year
Patron Benefactor: € 90,- / year
Benefactor for Life: € 450,- (once)

Donations can be made by bank transfer:

Bank no. IBAN: NL89 INGB 0003 1537 31
in the name of A. G. van Hamel Foundation for Celtic Studies, Utrecht
For international payments: IBAN: NL89 INGB 0003 1537 31 / BIC: INGBNL 2A
reference: ‘new donor’

In addition, new donors are asked to send us an e-mail with their name and postal address to penningmeester@vanhamel.nl.

Members and donors of Belgian Society for Celtic Studies (Société Belge d'Études Celtiques), The Caledonian Society and the A. G. van Hamel Foundation share the same rights and privileges.

Van Hamel-Nieuwsbrief

If you would like to stay up-to-date on all of our planned activities as well as many other events of Celtic interest, you are invited to subscribe to the 'Van Hamel-Nieuwsbrief', a Dutch-language newsletter which is sent round by e-mail whenever the occasion calls for it. To subscribe (or unsubscribe), send us an e-mail with your name, e-mail address, and a note saying 'Van Hamel-Nieuwsbrief', to secretariaat@vanhamel.nl.