Gwynn, E. J. [ed. and tr.]


Gwynn, E. J. [ed. and tr.], The metrical dindsenchas, 5 vols, vol. 2, Todd Lecture Series 9, Dublin: Hodges, Figgis, 1906.

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The metrical dindsenchas - vol. 2 (5 vols)
Hodges, Figgis
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E. J. Gwynn, The metrical dindsenchas (1903–1935)
Dennis Groenewegen

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no.Gwynn’s titlePagesEntry in *selgā
1Rath Esa2–9Dinnshenchas of Ráith Ésa
1Rath Esa89–91Dinnshenchas of Ráith Ésa
2Brug Na Bóinde I92–94Dinnshenchas of Brug na Bóinne I
2Brug Na Bóinde I10–17Dinnshenchas of Brug na Bóinne I
3Brug Na Bóinde II18–25Dinnshenchas of Brug na Bóinne II
3Brug Na Bóinde II95–96Dinnshenchas of Brug na Bóinne II
4Inber n-Ailbine26–35Dinnshenchas of Inber nAilbine
4Inber n-Ailbine97–98Dinnshenchas of Inber nAilbine
5Ochan99–100Dinnshenchas of Ochan
5Ochan36–41Dinnshenchas of Ochan
6Mide100Dinnshenchas of Mide
6Mide42–45Dinnshenchas of Mide
7Druim nDairbrech46–49Dinnshenchas of Druim nDairbrech
7Druim nDairbrech101Dinnshenchas of Druim nDairbrech
8Lagin I50–51Dinnshenchas of Laigin I
8Lagin I102Dinnshenchas of Laigin I
9Lagin II102Dinnshenchas of Laigin II
9Lagin II52–53Dinnshenchas of Laigin II
10Sliab Bladma54–57Dinnshenchas of Slíab Bladma
10Sliab Bladma102–103Dinnshenchas of Slíab Bladma
11Fid nGabli58–59Dinnshenchas of Fid nGaibli
11Fid nGabli103Dinnshenchas of Fid nGaibli
12Mag Life60–61Dinnshenchas of Mag Life
12Mag Life104Dinnshenchas of Mag Life
13Berba62–63Dinnshenchas of Berba
13Berba104Dinnshenchas of Berba
14Moin Gai Glais64–65Dinnshenchas of Móin Gai Glais
14Moin Gai Glais104Dinnshenchas of Móin Gai Glais
15Faffand66–71Dinnshenchas of Faffand
15Faffand105–106Dinnshenchas of Faffand
16Almu I72–77Dinnshenchas of Almu I
16Almu I106–107Dinnshenchas of Almu I
17Almu II78–79Dinnshenchas of Almu II
17Almu II107Dinnshenchas of Almu II
18Alend80–85Dinnshenchas of Alend
18Alend107–108Dinnshenchas of Alend