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Category:Lebor gabála Érenn

Work in progress
A guide to Lebor gabála Érenn

Lebor gabála Érenn (‘The book of the taking of Ireland’)
Recensions Medieval: Recension A · Recension B · Míniugud · Recension C

Modern: Ó Cléirigh's recension

Tracts and subsections Tract I : The origins and wanderings of the Goídil
A. Introductory matter · B. The origin of nations and lineage of the Goídil · C. De imthechtaib Goídel

Tract II: De gabálaib Érenn

A. Introduction · B. The Antediluvians · C. Cesair · D. Partholón · E. Nemed: Gabáil Nemid and Togail Tuir Chonaind · F. Fir Bolg: Gabáil Fer mBolg and Immirgi Mac nÚmóir · G. Tuatha Dé Danann: Gabáil Tuath nDé, Kings of the Tuatha Dé Danann and Genelach Tuath Dé · H. The sons of Míl: The death of Íth and Gabáil Mac Míled

Tract III: De fhlaithiusaib Érenn

A. Érimón and the Cruithni · B. The king-lists of De fhlaithiusaib Érenn and Réim rígraide · C. Dinnshenchas of Emain Macha · D. Tuathal Techtmar and the Bóroma

Tract IV: Comaimsera ríg in domuin fri rígaib Érenn

A. Assyrian kings, etc.

Tract V: Christian kings of Ireland

A. Do fhlaithiusaib ⁊ aimseraib hÉrend iar Creitim · B. Comaimsera ríg nÉrenn ⁊ ríg na Cóiced iar Creitim · C. King-list ascribed to Flann Mainistrech · D. The Rawlinson B 512 king-list (Míniugud) · E. Provincial kings in the Book of Ballymote.

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