London, British Library, MS Cotton Nero E i

vol. 1, ff. 3-208
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‘Cotton-Corpus legendary’, first part of vol. 1
  • Latin
  • s. xi2 / s. xii2/4
  • English manuscripts

English manuscript containing a large chunk of the so-called ‘Cotton-Corpus legendary’, being the first part of what was originally the first volume. In addition to Lives of saints of continental or English origin, the legendary also includes the Lives of St. Brigit and St. Fursa and the writings of St. Patrick.

Provenance and related aspects
s. xi2 / s. xii2/4
The manuscript has been dated to the first half of the 11th century, except for ff. 53v–55v, which were copied in the second quarter of the 12th century.
Hands, scribes

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ff. 169v-174v.