Material from Book II


f. 80v–f. 81r
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Three formulae: De annis dni, De indictione, and De Pascha.
f. 81r–f. 82r
[Argumentum titulorum paschalium (Dionysius Exiguus)] Heading/rubric: ‘Incipiunt argumenta grecorum de titul. paschalibus investigata solertia’
f. 82r–f. 82v
[Argumentum XIV (Pseudo-Dionysius Exiguus)] Heading/rubric: ‘Incipit calculatio quomodo repperiri possit quota feria I singulis annis xiiii luna paschalis id est circuli decennovenalis’


Dossier of texts in favour of the Alexandrian 19-year cycle.
f. 82v–f. 84r
[De sollemnitatibus et sabbatis et neomeniis ] Heading/rubric: ‘Exemplum suggestionis boni sci. primice’Incipit: ‘De sollemnitatibus et sabbatis’
f. 85r–f. 86r
[Letter from Dionysius Exiguus to Bonifatius and Bonus] Heading/rubric: ‘Incipit epla. Dionisii de ratione paschae’
f. 86r–f. 87v
[Letter from Dionysius Exiguus to Petronius] Heading/rubric: ‘Incipit epla. Dyonisii’
f. 88r–f. 89v
[Letter from Proterius of Alexandria to Pope Leo I] Heading/rubric: ‘Incipit epistola sci. Proterii Alexandrini epc. ad beatissimum papam Leonem Romae urbis epm. de ratione paschali’
f. 89v–f. 90v
[Letter attributed to Cyrillus] Heading/rubric: ‘Incipit epistola sci. Cyrilli episcopi’


Irish ‘forgeries’.
f. 90v–f. 93v
[Liber Anatolii] Heading/rubric: ‘Incipit liber anatolii greci’
f. 93v–f. 94r
Heading/rubric: ‘Eusebius caesariensis dicit’
f. 94r–f. 94v
[Disputatio Morini Alexandrini episcopi de ratione paschali] Heading/rubric: ‘Disputatio Morini Alexandrini epi. de ratione paschali’Incipit: ‘Eo quod senserunt’
f. 94v–f. 95v
[Acts of the Synod of Caesarea] Heading/rubric: ‘Incipit epistola Philippi de pascha’
f. 95v–f. 95(2)r
Incipit: ‘Victorius in quo ordine’