Material from Book II


f. 80v–f. 81r
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Three formulae: De annis dni, De indictione, and De Pascha.
f. 81r–f. 82r
MS heading: ‘Incipiunt argumenta grecorum de titul. paschalibus investigata solertia’
f. 82r–f. 82v
MS heading: ‘Incipit calculatio quomodo repperiri possit quota feria I singulis annis xiiii luna paschalis id est circuli decennovenalis’


Dossier of texts in favour of the Alexandrian 19-year cycle.
f. 82v–f. 84r
MS heading: ‘Exemplum suggestionis boni sci. primice’Incipit: ‘De sollemnitatibus et sabbatis’
f. 85r–f. 86r
MS heading: ‘Incipit epla. Dionisii de ratione paschae’
f. 86r–f. 87v
MS heading: ‘Incipit epla. Dyonisii’
f. 88r–f. 89v
MS heading: ‘Incipit epistola sci. Proterii Alexandrini epc. ad beatissimum papam Leonem Romae urbis epm. de ratione paschali’
f. 89v–f. 90v
MS heading: ‘Incipit epistola sci. Cyrilli episcopi’


Irish ‘forgeries’.
f. 90v–f. 93v
MS heading: ‘Incipit liber anatolii greci’
f. 93v–f. 94r
MS heading: ‘Eusebius caesariensis dicit’
f. 94r–f. 94v
MS heading: ‘Disputatio Morini Alexandrini epi. de ratione paschali’Incipit: ‘Eo quod senserunt’
f. 94v–f. 95v
MS heading: ‘Incipit epistola Philippi de pascha’
f. 95v–f. 95(2)r
Incipit: ‘Victorius in quo ordine’


f. 96r–f. 96v
MS heading: ‘Incipit calculatio quomodo reperire’Three formulae, beg. with one for determining the age of the moon on the first of the month, based on the Victorian system.


f. 96v–f. 97r
MS heading: ‘Epistol. pap. Leonis ad Martianum imperatorem, per Darianum’


f. 97r–f. 97v
MS heading: ‘De pascha autem tanquam maximo sacramento illuminante comedamus’Tract on the mystical meaning of Easter.


f. 97v–f. 98r
Incipit: ‘Romana computatio ita digitorum’Tract on finger reckonking.