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}}{{MS TOC2
}}{{MS TOC2
|folio 1=80ra
|folio 1=80ra
|text=Lebor gabála Érenn (Míniugud)
|text=Lebor gabála Érenn (Recension B)
|includes=<!-- Lebor gabála Érenn/2G(1). Gabáil Tuath nDé -->
|includes=Lebor gabála Érenn/2G(1). Gabáil Tuath nDé; In cloch for stait mo dí sáil;
|remarks=Continued from f. 76Av.
|remarks=Continued from f. 76Av. Macalister, vol. 4, § 322 ff.<!-- Incl. poem beg. <em>In cloch for stait mo dí sail </em>. here In loch fri reta?-->
|item category=text sections
}}{{MS TOC2
|folio 1=80ra
|text=Lebor gabála Érenn (Recension B)
|includes=Lebor gabála Érenn/2G(2). Kings of the Tuatha Dé Danann
|item category=text sections
}}{{MS TOC2
}}{{MS TOC2
|folio 1=90vb.14
|folio 1=90vb.14

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(a) ff. 75B-100

References will be made to the relevant volumes of Macalister's edition of LGÉ, Ó Cuiv's catalogue desciption and R. Mark Scowcroft, ‘Leabhar Gabhála. Part I: the growth of the text’, Ériu 38 (1987).
Work in progress
f. 75Br–f. 90vb.13
[Lebor gabála Érenn, second redaction] Incipit: ‘...Ro taisbenta na duile corpda do Adam [f. 75Bv]’
A version of the so-called B-recension of Lebor gabála Érenn. Some leaves are wanting and one leaf is out of place. Ó Cuív's reconstructed order of folia using the old foliation, with the present one between brackets, is as follows: 1 (75B), 2 (missing), 3 (76B), 4 (77), 5 (78), 6 (79), 7 (missing, conjugate with 2), 8 (76A), 9 (80), 10 (81), 11 (82), 12-13 (missing), 14 (83) and 15-21 (84-90). As f. 75Br has become illegible, the first words one can still make out are on the verso: Ro taisbenta na duile corpda do Adam [...].
f. 76Ara.1–f. 76Ara.i
[Lebor gabála Érenn, second redaction] (section)Incipit: ‘[A coic Sengaind] co torchair la Fiacha mac Zair’
Acephalous and out of place (see note above). Tract on the Fir Bolg, Fir Domnain and Gáiléoin, beg. halfway Macalister, vol. 4, § 288.
f. 76Ara.i–f. 76Arb
[Lebor gabála Érenn, second redaction] (section)Incipit: ‘Fir Bolc tra ro tamnait isin cath sin inge mad bec [...]’
Tract on the migrations of the Fir Bolg after the battle at Mag Tuired. Macalister, vol. 4, §§ 291-293.
f. 76Arb–f. 76Ava
[Lebor gabála Érenn, second redaction] (section)Heading/rubric: ‘Comaimserad rig an domain innso fri rigaib Fear mBolc’
Synchronisms of the taking of Ireland by the Fir Bolg. Macalister, vol. 4, §§ 301-302.
f. 76Ava
[Lebor gabála Érenn, second redaction] (section)Heading/rubric: ‘Do gabail Tuaithe D. D. annso’
Macalister, vol. 4, § 320 ff. The text continues on f. 80.
f. 76Bra.1–f. 76Bra.12
[Lebor gabála Érenn, second redaction] (section)Incipit: ‘[Ceithre cath coicat] ro ráinset rempo fri Freseno’
Final portion of the tract on the wanderings of the Goídil, corresponding to Macalister vol. 2, §§ 132-133. Incl., on lines 10-12, the first quatrain of the poem beg. Doluid Milid isin Scithia.
f. 76Bra.13–f. 76Bra.31
[Lebor gabála Érenn, second redaction] (section)Incipit: ‘Scuirem do scelaib na nGoidel’
Macalister, vol. 2, §§ 172-173. Incl. first line of poem beg. Capa is Laigne is Luasat grind.
f. 76Bra.31–f. 77ra.20
[Lebor gabála Érenn, second redaction] (section)Heading/rubric: ‘Do gabail Cesrach annso sis’
Tract on the settlement of Cesair. Macalister, vol. 2, § 174ff.
f. 77ra.21–f. 78va.i
[Lebor gabála Érenn, second redaction] (section)Heading/rubric: ‘Do gabail Partoloin ann so’
f. 78va.i–f. 79rb.3
[Lebor gabála Érenn, second redaction] (section)Incipit: ‘O ro innisimar tra do Cesair ⁊ do Partholoin co lleir [...]’
Tract on the taking of Ireland by Nemed. It begins with an introductory passage (ff. 78va.i-vb.3; Macalister, vol. 3, §246), followed by the heading Gabail Nemid sisana (f. 78vb.4). Macalister, vol. 3, §§ 246-253.
f. 79rb.4–f. 79vb.i
[Lebor gabála Érenn, second redaction] (section)Incipit: ‘Atbath Nemed do thám in Ailén arda Nemid in .h. Liathain’
Tract on the Nemedians after Nemed's death and their conflict with the Fomoire. Macalister, vol. 3, §§ 254-265.
f. 79vb.i–f. 79vb.i
[Lebor gabála Érenn, second redaction] (section)Heading/rubric: ‘Comaimserad Nemid annso sis’Incipit: ‘Da fichet bliadan tra ⁊ dc. [...]’
Synchronisms for Nemed and the Nemedians. Beginning of Macalister §272 (announced after §265). Breaks off owing to the chasm between ff. 79 and 76A.
f. 80ra
f. 90vb.14–f. 96v
[Lebor gabála Érenn, miniugud redaction] fragm.Heading/rubric: ‘Miniugad gabal nErenn ⁊ a senchas ⁊ a remmend rigraide innso sis [...] ut dicunt historici’Incipit: ‘Hybernia insola possita est in occidente sicut Adae Paradissus’
So-called Míniugud recension of Lebor gabála Érenn. Breaks off and continues, after loss of what Ó Cuív estimates to be one leaf, on f. 97. Old foliation: 21-27 (corresponding to ff. 90-96), 28 (missing), 29 (97).
Lacuna of one folio between ff. 96-97.
f. 97ra.1–f. 97va.13
Concludes with a king-list headed Rig hErenn iar creitim, listing kings from Loegaire to Ruaidri Ua Conchobair with their regnal years (ff. 97rba.19-37, 97rbb.19-37, and 97vaa.l-19), which is discussed by Scowcroft (1987): 132-133.
f. 97v
Note on Ireland's resemblance to Paradise, beginning Inis hErenn, tra, ro-suidigad isin fuined.
f. 97valine 24
Incipit: ‘ISi an cet breth rucad ind Erind’
Triad on the first three judgments in Ireland